Motorway Driving

will differ based on the cars used in a driving lesson

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Whether you are a newly qualified driver and have never driven on a motorway or you are an experienced driver but want to overcome the anxiety of driving on the motorway, with the help of training offered at Del Shah Driving school, you can become a safe and confident motorway driver. Our instructors will make sure that you are capable enough before landing you on a busy road full of speeding vehicles. Driving on a motorway is a crucial skill specifically for UK motorists.

Why Choose Motorway Driving?
  • An essential skill for the UK motorists
  • Overcome the anxiety of driving on the motorway
  • Ability to control a car at higher speed
  • Overcome the fear of driving following a motorway incident
Eligibility Requirements
  • Must be over the age of 17 years
  • Must have a provisional driving license to take practical lessons
  • Learner can take theoretical lessons without provisional driving license
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