Night Driving

will differ based on the cars used in a driving lesson

Night time driving experience brings a lot more challenges, especially for learner drivers. These lessons are specifically designed for those who have to drive in dark on regular basis. Night driving is the same as daylight driving but you have to adapt your driving style according to the conditions. Instructors will guide you through the basics of using headlights, low beams, high beams, and advanced skills of parking and driving in low visibility. According to a survey, 35% of all road accidents involving young drivers happens at night. Safe driving is a matter of occupational safety therefore, Del Shah Driving School offers night driving lessons that will equip you with the set of skills needed to drive in the dark.

Why Choose Motorway Driving?
  • An essential skill for the motorists who work at night
  • Learn a whole set of new skills
  • Overcome the fear of driving in low visibility
  • Learn to adapt driving style according to the conditions
Eligibility Requirements
  • Must be over the age of 17 years
  • Must have a provisional driving license to take practical lessons
  • Learner can take theoretical lessons without provisional driving license
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